Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good times, part II

We have another busy, jam packed weekend in store for us! Today is our baby boy's 24th birthday...hard to believe. We're so thankful he's home so that we can celebrate it with him!

Our best friends are arriving from North Carolina around noon to spend today and tomorrow with us. I know my Sweet Hubby and T are looking forward to spending "guy time" together. Many is the time we wish we lived closer and could visit more often...J and I will, I'm sure, spend some time in my studio and I'll treat her to a fab facial! Ahhhhhhh.....lovely!

Tomorrow we have church and then will have some more memory making in the afternoon before saying goodbye to everyone and sending them on their way safely home.

This is good medicine ~ love, laughter and the company of family and good friends. To God be the glory!

I wish you all a beautiful, blessed weekend - however you spend it...See you Monday!

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