Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The definition of "hope"

Webster's lists the archaic definition of "hope" as "trust." Hope is further defined "to expect with confidence."

This afternoon at 1:40 we met with my Sweet Hubby's new oncologist, Dr. William Clark, Jr. What a stark contrast to our appointment of one week ago...He spent 90 minutes with us; during which time he performed an exam and then proceeded to answer every single one of our (many) questions. We never felt rushed - quite to the contrary.

My Sweet Hubby will be on a two pronged chemo attack, one prong of which he will begin tomorrow. The other will more than likely begin next week. Dr. Clark is not ruling out radiation at some point, but right now chemo will be the primary focus.

Here's a tidbit of our conversation with him - and when we knew we had the right doctor on our "bus:"
Us: We saw an oncologist last week who held out no hope. Thank you for not taking that away.

Dr. C: Well, pancreatic cancer is a very bad diagnosis...but aside from this, you are a healthy and relatively young man. You are not bedridden. You are walking, talking, working, eating, drinking, going to the bathroom - all of that on your own. I have no reason not to believe that you will respond well to treatment.
Want even more positive news? The results of the chest CT that my Sweet Hubby had last week? No cancer!!! Praise God!

I don't quite think the doctor knew what to do with us...he probably hasn't had that much laughter in his office in quite some time - especially during a "first" appointment. He had to step out for a phone call at one point and a nurse in the hallway commented to him "what's going on in there - you look awful happy..." Ahhh, what a wonderful comfort prayer is!

We want to thank you all again for keeping us lifted up and spiritually covered. As you can tell, God is busy at work! To Him be the Glory!

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