Monday, September 15, 2008

A little "girl time"

Sorry for the late blog today...

Yesterday was my friend Kimberly's birthday. So today was our little celebration! It was wonderful to have some time to chit chat, laugh, talk about everything and other words -- "girl time!!"

My Sweet Hubby practically shuffled me out the door...hmm - what was that all about?! For those of you who know me personally - you know it's because I'm a "hoverer." the worst way...sigh...

Anyway, on the menu of fun for this afternoon was salad and pizza at ZPizza (do you have a ZPizza in your area? If so, lucky, lucky you!! Aren't they the BEST??!! Wheat crust and organic sauce - YUM!) followed by frozen yogurt at The Skinny Dip. Total girl fun without the dietary guilt ;)

And guess what? My Sweet Hubby was none the worse for wear when I got home 2 1/2 hours later. Although he did say he thought about me the whole time I was gone...Did I just hear a collective "awwwwww....."?!

I don't have a photo from today, but this is Kimberly and I, at "tea" in March.
Happy Birthday (plus 1!) Kimberly (aka "Ed") - and thanks for the fun afternoon! I hope this next year brings you much happiness ~ you deserve it! Love, G. (aka "Johnny") (Did you notice I put this in orange, just for you??!!)
"Because you have had a new birth, not from the seed of man, but from eternal seed, through the word of a living and unchanging God." 1 Peter 1:23


Marlene said...

What fun! So glad you had a "girl day" with your dear friend, Kimberly!! Steve is such a sweet hubby...yes, a "oh" after reading that he thought of you the whole time you were gone! Much love, M.

Gigi said...

Thanks Marlene - it was a good afternoon! I'm sure you'll hear about it tomorrow ;)

Putz said...

he is trying to save wear and tear on you by shutting his door, but he will continue to let you serve his needs because you are melded together for the eternities