Monday, September 8, 2008

How Great Thou Art

When my Sweet Hubby and I made the decision several months ago to become members of our church, as part of the process we were each asked when we were saved. That is, when was it that we first accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. And you know - I couldn't remember. It seems I've always known Jesus...always tried to walk with Him, always had a real relationship with Him. I just could not for the life of me remember a "defining moment" when I made the decision to ask Him into my life.

And that bothered me. Every day. Because it seemed that I should be able to remember something so BIG. Other people remembered, why didn't I? I just couldn't understand it. So I prayed about it. I tried to remember a time when I didn't know Jesus. Nope, couldn't do it. He's always been in my life. I have no conscious thought without the Lord being present. Ugh - it was sooooo frustrating. I knew I had to have made the decision at some point. But WHEN??

A few weeks ago, my Sweet Hubby and I were asked if we would be willing to have our testimony videotaped for the church. It was THAT day, the day of the taping, that the memory of when I asked first Jesus to come into my life flooded back to me. And I do mean it was yesterday! It all came rushing back, almost as if God had unlocked the door to that memory.

I'm not sure exactly how old I was, but I do know that I was young. 9, 10, that range. In my home, we loved Billy Graham. Whenever Billy Graham had a televised Crusade, our TV was tuned to that station and we watched. This particular night, we had watched Rev. Graham preach and then my parents left the room. I remember my Dad was in the dining room because he'd brought work home from the office...I think my Mom was in the kitchen. On the TV, Rev. Graham had issued the invitation. There in our living room, all alone, I was on my knees. And I asked Jesus to come into my heart, forgive my sins and be with me always. Praise God!!

It explains a lot. Why I love Billy Graham. Why I love the songs "How Great Thou Art" and "Just As I Am" and George Beverly Shea. They hold special places in my heart...they led me to a deeper relationship with my Jesus and I'm forever grateful. I hope I never lose that memory again.

Do you remember when you made your decision for Christ? Take a moment now and relive that precious memory...It was the best decision you EVER made! One that will have everlasting consequences! If you haven't made that decision...won't you? It really is as simple as the prayer I prayed as a child. "Jesus, I love you and want you with me always. Please come into my heart. Please forgive my sins. Amen."
"Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will not enter it at all." Luke 18:17
And because today is Music Monday, I'm posting this video clip of a Billy Graham crusade, circa 1969! I loved watching it all...but at the 6:00 minute mark is George Beverly Shea singing "How Great Thou Art" today's song choice. Remember to scroll down and mute my player before viewing the video!

How Great Thou Art ~ George Beverly Shea (6:00 mark)

My favorite verse to this song is one he didn't sing. But I'll post it here. Now granted, I cry easy. But I don't understand how you can read these words, let alone sing them, and remain dry-eyed.

And when I think, that God, His Son not sparing,
Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in;
That on the Cross, my burden gladly bearing,
He bled and died to take away my sin.

Oh yes Lord...How Great Thou Art!


Marlene said...

Gigi....what a priceless gift that I have been given thru Christ being crucified....I was 10 years old on a cool fall night when I went to a revival that my Sunday School Teacher (Miss Kay Watson) took our class too. I was completely moved by the Holy that moment I stepped forward and cried tears of joy as I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Thank you for sharing your heart with us...much love, M.

LauraLee Shaw said...

What beautiful memories you took me back to. I love the passionate, heartfelt voice in your posts. How Great Thou Art still makes my heart pound!

Darlene said...

Yep! You managed to post all my favorite songs in one post. Well, maybe not all, I like "The Old Rugged Cross" too.

Church being one of the few places I was allow to go outside of school. When I was young, I was quite comfortable in church. I loved the old hymns, I still do. I had brothers and sisters but usually attended church by my self because the others usually preferred to sleep in.

I was attending a sourthern baptist church. I'd been attending about 2 years. It was a pretty regular serman, as I sat listening to the minister. I often wondered why the minister got all worked up yelling and pounded on the pulpit as he got into his serman. I usually waited for the vain in his neck to bulg, for then I knew the serman was coming to an end. But for some reason that day I was actually listening. He was saying "to give your troubles to God, Pray for your sins to be forgiven".

They always ended the serman with the same song and the opportunity to come forward and receive Jesus into your heart.

I was twelve. Singing that song, my heart started beating so fast and hard, I knew Jesus was calling me. Those deacons prayed over me for a full half hour after I went forward.

I have never regreted my choice. God has sustained me for many years. I raised a beautiful daughter with the same strong devotion to God. And she is helping her two children see God too.

Putz said...

i was on my mission in 1963 in great britan and about 8 months later i was in hyde park london on a soapbox[literally} preaching the good word, jesus christ and him crucified

Mountain Mama said...

I think I was born this way! LOL Actually it does seem like I have always been a Christian, but somewhere in the shadows of my mind I vaguely remember a time my cousin and I knelt together at a little church our grandma took us to and there we accepted the Lord formally. I believe we were around eight or nine.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I was 9 years old in a tiny country church in rural Northeast Arkansas. It was in 1972 and I've never been the same since that day.

My dear BIL died in 1998 of metastatic pancreatic and liver cancer. I helped nurse him at home until the end. I do know what you're going through, and my prayers go out to you and your hubby.

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. Welcome, and feel free to drop by anytime. :o)

Have a great new week!



Tamara "Tami" Blue said...

Hello Gigi :^) This is my first time to your site. I am enjoying how real you are - Praise God! As I read your share about when you accepted Christ I thought on my own life. I've asked Him in over and over again but the time that stands out most in my mind was at age 4. I through a royal 4 year old fit in the middle of a church foyer (having only been to church a few times in my youth). In my fit I cried out "I want to know Jesus - I want a BIBLE!". I remember truly and earnestly wanting to know this Jesus who loved children, cared for them and would be with them all their lives... This was my moment 36 years ago on Easter Sunday 1971.

As I read tears filled my eyes remembering. Thank you and God bless you!