Monday, January 4, 2010

He knew His face

Welcome to the first Music Monday of 2010! I hope you like the song I've chosen because I sure do! It's got some lyrics that are very meaningful to me...I'll explain why at the end of this post.

**Please scroll down and pause my player before beginning the video**

What were the special lyrics, you ask?

"Would you recognize His face
If He came to bring you home"

It has given me great comfort over these past almost 14 months that my Sweet Hubby did indeed recognize His face and He did, in fact, come to take him home. My Sweet Hubby called Him "My Jesus"...and He was. And is. Even more so now.

When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. John 14:3 NLT


Putz said...

i know i shouldn't say this to you, but i am concrned....i have a book the rumage sale, and it talks about a diary of a woman found after her death....may 1st cold, no mail. may 2nd , rupert din't come toaday, may mail...may 4th, colder, may one came...may 6 no mail...may 28th no mail.. may 29, may 30 may 31st

Gigi said...

That sounds like a very sad book, lonely that woman must have been. But you needn't worry about me. I can assure you - the only person I am lonely for is my Sweet Hubby. I am blessed with good friends who keep in close contact. But thank you so much for being concerned!

Jody said...

Happy Monday Gigi.