Friday, August 29, 2008

A little rain

Yesterday was one of "those" days. Know the kind I mean - just feel out of sorts...can't really put your finger on it, but just a bit out of step?

It's been gloomy here since Tuesday. The skies threatening, gray and heavy. Finally the rain came yesterday. Not as much as I would have expected though. A lot of build up for little delivery. That's how I felt yesterday - like something was building.

My personal storm arrived at bedtime when I went to put on my pajamas and remembered the last time I had worn this particular set. Snoopy. I had carried him in my arms...he had been sick again. And that did me in. The dam burst and my own rainstorm came. I just hugged those jammies to me and cried my eyes out.

Today, the sun is back and the sky is once again clear and blue. The storm has passed. I found these beautiful words awaiting me in my study time this morning:
"Why am I so discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again -- my Savior and my God!" Psalm 43:5
God's grace is such an awesome thing, don't you think? He just loves us so much...Thank you Lord!


Bttrfly1976 said...

That verse is beautiful. I am amazed when He leads me to the very words I need to hear in His Word.

God's grace leaves me in awe even still!

Gigi said...

Isn't He amazing??!! It happens time and time again...always exactly what I need, exactly when I need it!

BigDadGib said...

His grace is sufficiant...

Great verse pick too...


Juryizstillout said...

Hi, Gigi,

I'm just getting around to other blogs in our ring. Thank you so much for your sweet comment about my quilt!

I will be praying for your hubby, that he is able to endure, you are able to endure, and that God will be close to you both!

Vicki said...

Hi Gigi,
You write everyday, it looks like. It rained here in Richmond all day yesterday and some this morning. Oddly enough, rain gives me peace. Nothing sounds so musical to my ears than the sound of rain on the roof and thunder resonating and filtering into the house. I often feel the voice of God while listening to the rain.
Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday. There is no secret about age. First, Jim is too young to father my children. I was married before. As far as myself, I'm sure I just look younger because I am with Jim, my hansome and younger husband.
It is good to cry as long as the tears do not saturate your spirit. As long as you are praising the Lord, rain or shine, light or darkness, you will be fine.
In this world you will have terrible difficulties, but be happy anyway, because I have overcome the world. These words were spoken by Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let us keep trusting and praising Him.
Let's keep in touch. Jim said you are my type of person. I agree with him. Vicki

Lance said...

God gives comfort to the comfortless.Stay well my friend. May God give you peace. You are in my prayers.
Rain makes all things new.

Gigi said...

Gib ~ 2 Cor 12:9 is my favorite Scripture verse...Thank you for visiting!

Beth ~ I'm glad you came by and hope you will again! I'm still thinking about that quilt of yours! All those stars...Lovely! We thank you for your prayers. The Lord is our Rock - every minute of every day. Without Him, we are defeated.

Vicki ~ I try to blog every day with the exception of Sunday. I usually sit down with my computer after my quiet time. Wednesdays are chemo days and blogging comes later...

My Dad gave me a love of thunderstorms as a child and I still love them today (as long as I'm not out in them, that is)! But I love the house filled with sunshine and stillness too...Gotta have a bit of both though - just like life, huh?!

Gigi said...

Lance ~ thank you for your kindness and your prayers...they mean the world and we are grateful.