Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chemo, Day 4 is now history!

My Sweet Hubby has passed the halfway mark of his first chemo cycle! Celebrate God's goodness! Here are a few of the things we are thankful for:

**White blood cell count up from last week but still normal: 7.4 to 9.7 (4.1-10.9 is normal)**

**Red blood cell count UP from last week: 2.96 to 3.51 (4.2-6.3 is normal) so he's still low but getting better!!**

**Hemoglobin (the molecule on the red blood cell that carries the oxygen) UP from last week: 7.2 to 8.9 (12-18 is usually run around 16) sooo low, but he's creeping up!**

**Hematocrit (the portion of your total blood volume made up of red blood cells) UP from last week: 24.2 to 29.6 (37-51% is usually run in the upper 40's)**

**Platelets (aids in clotting) UP from last week: 217 to 291 (140-440 is normal)**

**Edema is resolving WITHOUT the use of medication!! We are using compression, elevation and prayer...YAY - the fluid is leaving!!**

**NO weight loss except for fluid! My Sweet Hubby is eating well...still no appetite, but praise God, he's eating!!**

**NO pain!!**

**NO nausea!!**

**NO evidence of a bleed!!**

That's a lot to be thankful for, isn't it?! We are sooooo blessed!!! Our God is an awesome God!! Man, I just want to break out in song - lift my hands in praise! Join me? I know it's not Music Monday, but I'm making an exception this week! Remember to scroll down and pause my player first!

Medley: Awesome God/The Stand ~ Michael W. Smith and Hillsong

While we were at chemo, my Sweet Hubby and I were each reading our copy of "The Shack." Not to reveal any of the story, but I just wanted to share a piece that truly touched my heart today...Mack, the main character in the book, is having a conversation with Jesus :
"Jesus?" he whispered as his voice choked. "I feel so lost."

A hand reached out and squeezed his, and didn't let go. "I know, Mack. But it's not true. I am with you and I'm not lost. I'm sorry it feels that way, but hear me clearly. You are not lost."
Even now, that makes me cry - because sometimes don't we ALL feel lost? Granted, some of us more than others...but it is a very human feeling. I'm SO grateful that my Jesus isn't lost and by His blood, neither am I. And for that, we are eternally thankful.
"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost."
Luke 19:10
Just makes you feel like singing, doesn't it??!! Go ahead...I'll join you!


jeleasure said...

Yesss, Gigi!
That is a lot to be thankful for. My wife and I shared in your rejoicing by watching the video link you provided. Thank you for that.
I feel that you are a precious soul. I will link with you and enjoy coming to visit your blog page. My wife blogs a little. She is also a tender soul. I will ask her to visit you this evening.
Interesting that your son lives here in Richmond. I had someone from Minnesota tell me she has a brother here in Richmond. This person said, "Wouldn't it be funny if you knew him?". I do know her brother. So, now I email on a regular basis to her.
Have a good night, Gigi. I'm going now to add a link to your blog to my 'blog roll'.

Vicki said...

Gigi, you are sweetness and kindness. You are a praise warrior. We all have troubles, serious troubles, as we pass this way, but it is your type of encouragement and belief that makes the path lit through the darkness.
My husband and I will want to hear more about your husband's healing and about your continuing faith..
The music you chose is beautiful and I want you to know that I worshipped with you as I listened.
Jeleasure or Jim is my beloved husband.

Gigi said...

Vicki ~ I'm so glad that you and Jim were here to visit and that we could worship "together!" My Sweet Hubby and I have much to be thankful for today (and every day really...) and it's even better when we can share the joy with others! Thank you so much for your kind words...

LauraLee Shaw said...

Oh yes, I've felt this way so many times. Your authenticity is such a blessing. With all you are going through, you take the time to minister to others. May the Lord bless and keep your family overwhelmed with peace during your struggles.

Rebecca said...

OK, now I HAVE to finish my book so I can move on to The Shack. It sits waiting on my nightstand. That could be me saying, Lord I feel so lost.... He replies, No you are with me, you are not lost. And I say, But Lord I feel so lost,.... etc, etc.

One day I'm convinced it's all out of control, the next I know He's there. And around and around we go. Thank God He is so patient with me and continues to calm me.

What a beautiful testimony of faith your response to your husband's illness is. Thank you for the encouragement.

Mom4aDifference said...

Hi Gigi,

This is so wonderful. Glad to hear this wonderful report. I pray that it continues go well for you and your hubby. I love that you call him "Your Sweet Hubby" by the way. It really shows the affection that you have for him.

I am so glad that my post today inspired a walk for the two of you. That's what I am hoping that my blog does - inspires and improves in different ways.

Thanks for adding my blog to your page by the way!

Have a great night. Blessings!
Blessings from Above