Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A mini miracle AND a day brightener!

When we arrived home late this afternoon, there was a tag hanging on our front door that a delivery had been attempted and the "surprise" had been left with our next door neighbors..

Well, Rita and little Phoebe just left and look what they brought:

This was the cherry on top of our day! Don't you just feel all the tension leave you when you see something so lovely? Thank you, Cissa (and P, J and C!) for thinking of us and sending us this "day brightener!" Love you guys!


jeleasure said...

I understand that feeling. Worry, anger, grief all pass for a few moments when a nice, unexpected surprise occures.

Putz said...

probably better medicine than anything for you are for hubby

Jess said...

I love it when those that you love surprise you or do kind things for you to brighten those awful days.

Have a good end of the week