Friday, November 28, 2008

In search of Santa

On our daughter's 16th birthday, my Sweet Hubby and I started her on a "Santa collection." We only shopped for those "one of a kind, crafted by American artists" pieces and each year since then, she's received a new Santa on her birthday. To say she eagerly awaits her new addition is an understatement! Her 31st birthday is this Tuesday...and with everything that has happened the latter half of this year, no Santa shopping took place.

The Virginia Beach Christmas Market opened this morning at the Pavilion. This craft show runs all weekend long and is a longstanding tradition here. I say "craft show" but over the last few years, there's less and less "crafts" and more food/specialty items. Either way - a good time.

And something my Sweet Hubby and I did together every year. We looked forward to it...wandering around, checking things out. Picking up a little something here and there if it caught our fancy...sometimes coming away empty-handed. It didn't matter - we loved it! So many memories!

I knew I had to go because it was my opportunity to find a Santa for our daughter. No way could I disappoint her this year. So..another "first" for me today. I went with my friend Kimberly. She did a wonderful job of keeping me occupied and it wasn't as hard as it certainly could have been.

And look what I found:

I think she'll like him...what do you think? And I had the artist sign and date his "bottom" (sorry Santa!). Mission accomplished. And I think my Sweet Hubby is smiling...
"Jesus said to her, 'Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?'" John 11:40
Thank you, Father, for continuing to meet my every need.


Darlene said...

Cool Santa. I collect Snowmen. My friend Santa's. I like the one of a kind too.I can't buy a snowman without buying her a santa.

God Bless Friend.

Putz said...

so, how ya doin old kid...sounds like you are doing things that you would be doing with steve if he were here, wait, he really is here isn't he????

Jess said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad that God is carrying you... and distractions are good!

Have a great weekend
Love, Jess

Jody said...

It helps to do things with others and to think of others. Praying for you everyday.

jeleasure said...

I'm guessing that she will find out about this before Christmas.
My Step-Mother used to give me an ornament every year since 1976.

I posted a new blog entry. I have seen your visit a couple of times. Sorry, I have not had anything new in a week.

Here is the link - Secular Music Vs. Christian Music

Marlene said...

How wonderful to have found that perfect Santa for glad you had gone with Kimberly...such a blessing.

Vicki said...

She will like it and remember that you made a special effort to get this for her.

jeleasure said...

Hi Gigi,
visit my wife's blog at We Really Do Need Each Other.
Some times, God speaks to her or through her in very obvious ways. Vicki was working on a blog from a Word file she had began this weekend. When she went to post it in Blogger, she had only one line from the center of her text in the word file appear on her blog. She labored to try and find what happened to it and then fell asleep. I was on my computer when I heard her fussing over what had happened to her Word file. The Word File is gone from her computer. She had already saved it yesterday.
When I posted a comment on her blog, I read the word verification. It seldom has any sense to it. But this time, the word verification said, CURED!

Putz said...

isn't all that just so wonderful