Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help for the day

I think you all know how important music is to me. How it ministers to my soul...how vital it has been in my healing process (and I'm speaking about our Catholic Church debacle here). And I know the Lord will continue using music in a mighty way in my life even now...

So this morning I was going through my Itunes music on my computer. Sometime a few months ago, I had read a blog by Todd Agnew promoting a musician named JJ Heller. She had a new CD out and for a time, she was offering it as a free download. Well, no need to ask me twice to check out some new contemporary Christian music, especially if it's a fave on Todd's playlist!

I guess it was no surprise that I loved it too. As a matter of fact, when my Sweet Hubby and I listened to it, we commented on how similar her style is to Norah Jones - another artist we both enjoyed.

I decided to listen to JJ's CD again as I drank my coffee this morning. And the Lord used one of her songs to speak to me and encourage me today. I found a little snippet of it on YouTube, so I can share it here...**remember to scroll down and pause my player before viewing**

Your Hands ~ JJ Heller

The CD is no longer available as a free download, but if you like her music, please visit her website...with a new baby on the way, I'm sure she and her husband would appreciate it! And it looks like she has some great deals on her music...I plan on doing a little shopping myself! (Thanks Todd!)

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4


Putz said...

i love norah jones tooo...who wouldn't?????

Jody said...

My husband and I like Norah Jones also, I'm going to check out her web site. Praying for you today and tomorrow.

jeleasure said...

Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts with us. I am also a big music fan. All of my life, music has been one of the great distractions for me when I've needed to abandon my always analytical mind.
Vicki is a music major with a degree. She teaches music and shares her love of cultured, classical music with me.
I will have to admit, I probably have heard Norah Jones. However, I can't say I know what songs belong to her.
Happy Thanks Giving!
Vicki sends her best wishes to you. She is busy in the kitchen at the moment.
We still hold out our friendship to you and would love to come to you and take you to dinner.
Jim and Vicki.