Saturday, April 9, 2011


I hadn't planned on a post for today...but I received news last night that had me reaching for this, yet again:

And I knew that the time was long overdue for this post. You see, I had planned on writing up something special at least a week ago. And then this happened:

Yes, that's my Mom (with Baylor keeping her company!), sporting some of the evidence on her face of the fall she took two weeks ago. So I've been a little busy, running back and forth daily taking care of the wounds that you don't see in the picture (which are healing nicely, by the way!). Because of that, I'm a bit tardy with this, but better late than never, right?!

I've posted before about the fact that I use a prayer journal. It helps me stay focused and most importantly - it helps me remember! It's a rare day when I'm not called on to pray for someone, or that I don't think of a petition that I need to bring before the Lord or a praise for answered prayer and if I don't write it down - well, it's as good as gone from one moment to the next!

Typically, I've purchased a nice journal at the beginning of every year and it's served me fine. Until...

Around a month ago, I was at my church's Wednesday night service. I had arrived a little early and decided to spend a few minutes in the bookstore. I turned a corner and spotted these pretty covers and wandered over for a closer look and discovered that they were prayer journals! I chose two different designs - one for me and one for my friend, JJ, who had a birthday coming up several weeks later! I got to talking with the lady tending the bookstore that evening and learned that the person who designed and created the journals was a member of our church and had designed them after a Refuel class on prayer left her wanting a more streamlined approach for her own prayer journaling needs. Love that!! (Jennifer, if any of this is incorrect, blame me!)

I transitioned from my "standard" journal to my new one right away and loved it so much that I went looking for contact information...and found it: (go ahead and click...I'll wait for you to get back!!)

Goodness! Did you just get lost in all that prayerful beauty?! I know I do every time I look at her site! And here's the best part...she's a real sweetheart! When I emailed her about how much I loved my journal and asked if I could blog about it and link to her Etsy site, I got the nicest reply!

Now, remember I mentioned sometime earlier (this week? last week? I barely remember my name at this point!) that I might have something up
my sleeve? Well, you know there's no "might" with me!!

So if you'd like to have one of Jennifer's beautiful prayer journals - and c'mon, who wouldn't?! - here's how to enter my giveaway:

  • Between now and next Friday, April 15, 2011 just leave me a comment as to which of her gorgeous journals you would choose for your very own! That's one entry.
  • If you have a prayer request you'd like to share, please leave it as a separate comment and that will be an extra entry...and NO LIMIT on prayer requests. I'm honored to pray for you, always.
  • Share a link to this post on YOUR blog and come back and leave me a separate comment that you did so and that's an extra entry.
  • Leave me a separate comment and let me know if you're new to prayer journaling or if you're an old hand at it! That'll be another entry.

Oh...I mentioned that Jennifer is a sweetheart, right? What I didn't tell you is that she offered to gift one of you with a journal out of the kindness of her heart. I love that. But please know that I will be making this purchase. In fact - I am giving away 3 journals in this giveaway, and as my disclosure, I am hereby stating that these journals
are being purchased by me with my own funds. And they will each be beautifully personalized however you'd like - so you might want to be thinking about that (i.e., is it for you or will you be gifting it?)!

Speaking of gifting...JJ loved hers! I chose the cover specifically with her in mind. I think it was perfect.

I can't think of a better gift for a graduate heading off to college, a new Mom, a newlywed...the possibilities are endless. And of course, YOU need one too, right?! Ladies, did you notice that she also has designs for men? Remember - Father's Day is right around the corner and wouldn't a prayer journal be a treasured gift from the children to their Daddy? And men - the same for Mother's Day!

What's that you say? You've never used a prayer journal before? Perhaps now would be the perfect opportunity to get started! I can promise you this - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! The only cost to you is the time it takes to post a comment or two (or three)!

And Jennifer now has a brand new design - the Journal Prayer Combo in addition to her standard Prayer Journal. If you win one, choose your preference! (Jennifer, I know we talked about this concept on the phone; I think it's fabulous and I'm so glad you did it!!)

  • Sometime before midnight on April 15th, I'll use this to draw 3 numbers. The posts/posters that correspond to those numbers will be the winners of the journals. Please be sure to leave me some way to contact you in your comment(s). I'll post the winning names on Monday, April 18th...God willing and the creek don't rise!

Thank you, Jennifer, for such a beautiful creation! I'm still so excited over keeps me pinpoint focused and has truly blessed my prayer life!

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
Philippians 4:6 NIV


becca said...

aw, Gigi! These are so pretty! I'd been thinking about starting my own journal since we'd talked about yours so often. It certainly is a nice reminder, and I know I've already taken up several entries in yours. ;) The golden butterfly one is really pretty!

Dawn said...

I love it! And I will be back later, for sure.

I am so thankful your mom is doing better!

Angie is still waiting to know about the phone interview - they still have 2 people to talk to, and keep saying they wish they could see her before they decide. So sad, because she can't afford the flight or the time off from her job here - we would help her go if we could find her a flight that she could do for just a week-end, but couldn't find such. God can work itout whether or not they see her, but with today's technology, you'd think she'd could SKYPE!

I know you'll continue to pray! (Or have I even told you about the phone interview??)

Jody said...

Hi Gigi, I have used a prayer journal for years, but recently God has been convicting me to pray everyday, which I do with a list for everyday and my prayer journal. I am loving getting to know our Great God so much better. Thanks for this give away. Be right back to post which one I would choose.

Jody said...

I choose the red one with Deut. 6:5 on the cover. A verse I want to model my life after.

Jody said...

Linking this post on my blog today.

Jody said...

My prayer request would be for direction in the coming months. At a point in my life where I am asking 'now what'? Thank you for praying for me.

becca said...

Prayer request: Please pray for David to find a job at Duke.

moreofhim said...

Your poor Mom!! It's so hard when our elderly parents Mom just had an episode a couple of months ago and broke her leg really bad. Thankfully, she is healing and now walking again. I will keep your Mom in my prayers!

The prayer journals are absolutely beautiful!! What an amazing giveaway! I loved so many of her journals - the teal marble one with Jeremiah 29:11; the first one with the crocuses on it, and you'll laugh, I love the poodle one! I'm a poodle person and that just made me smile!

Thank you for entering me! - Julie

moreofhim said...

My prayer request is that the Lord would heal my back. I'm dealing with two herniated discs right now and am in tremendous pain. Also, that the Lord would give me the strength to endure and to grow closer to Him through all this. Thank you!

God bless you - Julie

moreofhim said...

I've been keeping a prayer journal since I was a newlywed. I had actually never heard of keeping one and then when I moved to Nevada as a young bride, I was very involved in the women's ministry in our church. We read "What Happens When Women Pray" by Evelyn Christiansen and our leader taught us how to keep a prayer journal. These two things changed my prayer life dramatically! I've kept one ever since and that was nearly 30 years ago.

God bless you - Julie

Dawn said...

They are all so beautiful. I love the one in the second row with the beautiful purple flowers - can't remember their name.

Dawn said...

My ongoing prayer request is, of course, for Angie's job situation. I'm posting another one.

Dawn said...

The other request is for Kristen, who has somehow developed a stone in her parotid artery (not carotid), which is right up where the jaw bones meet. The inside of her left cheek is very sore, and she's on antibiotics - if it doesn't get better very soon, it may require surgery. One more thing!!

Dawn said...

I have attempted journaling often, but never had such a lovely tool to help me. I would LOVE to have one of these. Thank you for doing this.

Jody said...

I am always looking for great gifts for newlyweds and new moms. These would be great to give away. Thanks for this giveaway.

SickOfIt said...

What a blessed gift to share with your friends! I love the purple one that has Proverbs 3:5-6 on it.

I absolutely try to, and often fail to, live by this. It truly helps me keep my eyes on the "prize."

Anonymous said...

Gigi what a beautiful giveaway! I love to journal!I like the one with the heart on it. I reminds me that my heart belongs to Jesus!

nancygrayce said...

I'm so glad your mom is doing better! Our mamas are so precious and need our care like we needed theirs as children. Mine has just been place on hospice care.

The prayer journals are gorgeous! You're right, there are so many things to pray about these days!

Just Passing By said...

I love your prayer journal. I have one off and on since my conversion. It is so wonderful to look back on what God has answered and what He didn't answer because I didn't need it. Keeps my humble and to walk in his grace.

ACZ aka Melissa

PS, I have my own, so I am not entering, just wanted to say how lovely :)