Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little Beyonce and a mystery revealed

How's that for a title?! Just a warning before you get started: today's post is l-o-n-g and full of videos...I hope you'll watch them all! If you only have time for one right now, please make it the last one. But promise you'll come back and watch the rest - you won't want to miss them! Seriously!

If you've been reading here this past week, you know that last Saturday evening my friend JJ and I went to a praise and worship event led by Jeremy Camp. Well...he brought some friends along!

*Please scroll down and pause my player before viewing videos*

One was the man featured in this video - you may have seen it as it "went viral" on YouTube awhile ago. I love the looks on his daughters' faces! Dad, you are soooo busted!

And no...he didn't sing any Beyonce songs!! But he did sing this one and it was great!

So...are you ready to learn about this man?

Well, his name is John Mark McMillan and I really, really loved his music that night! It was different from the praise and worship music I normally listen to...but in a good way! Here's a song I particularly liked:

We want your blood to flow inside our body and
We want your wind inside our lungs...
We just want to love you
We just want to love you..yeah
lyrics excerpted from Skeleton Bones by John Mark McMillan 2010

I don't know...something about those lyrics just moves me to tears. Isn't that crazy? But I really like that song!

And this next one. He prefaced this next song by telling us how it came about.

It seems he was in a hotel in Los Angeles...unable to sleep and decided to get up and see if he could be productive. He said he got to thinking about King David and his friendship with Jonathan...and how the King one day inquired if Jonathan had left any children behind. Which, as we know, is how he found out about Mephibosheth. Now, remember - Mephibosheth had been dropped by his nurse when he was little and as a result, was left crippled in both legs. So, this crippled man is summoned to the King's table. He said that this Bible story reminds him of how we today - as Christians, through a fall we were not responsible for - have been left crippled. And that one day, we too, shall be summoned to the King's table. AMEN!!!!!

While John Mark was performing, I looked over at JJ and said, "He reminds me so much of David Crowder..." They do share something in common! I'm sure many of you are familiar with the following song. And now you know the sad story and "the mystery man" behind it (if you watch the video, that is). If you watch no other video on this blog post, I do hope you'll watch this one...

I remember hearing David Crowder talk about the first time he heard this song. He said he was on a flight and listening to a CD someone had sent him. Maybe of possible songs to record? Who knows...Anyway, he said that this song had him in tears...crying on the airplane. He made the rest of his band listen to it because he knew if it had that kind of effect on him he knew it would be meaningful to others as well. Yeah, I think he "got it." And as we know, he and his band did, in fact, record that song. So maybe that's why I said John Mark reminded me of David Crowder!

Mystery solved!

You have shown me the
way of life,
and you will fill me with the
joy of your presence.
Acts 2:28 NLT

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Judy said...

Great post! I love "How He Loves" I think I have worn it our on my David Crowder CD. :) I have had it as a ring-tone on my phone as well. I just can't quite get my brain wrapped around how much God loves me.