Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Terrible Twos!!

It had to happen, I suppose. Tell me - do I run screaming from the building now or just wait and see what happens?!

In the Throne Room turned 2 today!!!!

Little did I know two years ago what the Lord had in store for me. Praise God! He's so good to us that way...

There's a lot of pain and sadness within these pages and I imagine there will be more. Lots of joy too...and God willing, there will be more of that as well.

This blog, the outlet it has offered and the friendships it has provided have truly been heaven sent - so thank you one and all from the bottom of my heart. Now...let's have some cake!


Jody said...

Happy Blog Birthday.

Dawn said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! I haven't been with you the whole time, but I'm very happy that I found you. I hope we have many more posts to share.

Unknown said...

A lot has happened in the last two years...both happy and sad, but regardless of the situation, you have always had wonderful words to share with us.
As Jody said, Happy Blog Birthday, and may there be many more..... and you would do anything for "cake", wouldn't you????

Gigi said...

Thank you, Jody! Your comments both here and privately have meant more than you know.

Dawn, I think you've been with me almost from the start, no? Seems like you have anyway!! But maybe that's the mark of a good friend...feels like they've been a part of your life forever! Thanks for being here!

Jeanne, I was willing to forgo the cake for myself but what kind of hostess would I have been not to have birthday cake on hand for my guests, hmmm? What? Not working? Okay FINE...the cake was for me. All MINE! Because I LOVE CAKE!!! It's's my favorite food in the whole wide world and I don't care who knows it! I.LOVE.CAKE. <3

Jess said...

Terrible two's arent so bad...3's dont seem to be awful either! ;0)