Friday, July 17, 2009

Know the enemy

Another memory knocks on my door today, waiting to be let in, relived, mourned...

It was shortly after noon, one year ago today, that my Sweet Hubby's gastroenterologist, Dr. Jansen called with the results of his liver biopsy. Adenocarcinoma of the tail of the pancreas. The deadliest diagnosis we could have gotten. The enemy now had a name. As a nurse, my heart just dropped at the words...a hideous cancer - aggressive and next to impossible to treat.

Did we have an oncologist? No. Could he recommend some to us? He did. We tried to get in with Dr. Michael Lee (in fact, Dr. Jansen made the call) but he was not accepting patients at that time. As fate would have it, he was my Sweet Hubby's oncologist for the last three weeks of his life. How I wish we could have been with him the entire course. I don't know that things would have been different, but maybe...

My Sweet Hubby was blessed to have two wonderful doctors: Dr. Jan Jansen and Dr. Michael Lee. I pray for these men often. They are both Christian men of great faith and it shows in their words, their compassion - in every way they interact with their patients and families.

It's been a very difficult month. Too many hard to relive events all piled up on top of each other. I'm hoping to be able to come up for air now.

"And with grief in her soul, weeping bitterly, she made her prayer to the Lord." 1 Samuel 1:10


On a personal note - I would just like to say "thanks" to those of you who called, or left me a "happy birthday" comment, or sent a card, or flowers, or a fruit arrangement for my birthday. Your kindness made such a hard, tear-filled day a bit easier. You have been His hands and feet. God bless you.


Jody said...

Dearest Gigi,
I just pray that our great God is your comfort today. It is a tough journey but God is with you and will never leave. I pray there is someone to put their arms around you and comfort you. Praying.

Dawn said...

I haven't been through it, but I have observed that this type of cancer is so quick and awful. I am thankful you had good people helping you through yesterday, and I know they will through the rest of your journey.