Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We interrupt this hiatus...

Just had to come here and share what I just received via email because it made my heart skip a beat (honestly!!) and I'm even more excited now!

EWomen Devotional

The Trust Fall

May 18, 2010

"Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8

Trusting God to reveal His dream in your life and give you hope often requires an extraordinary act of willpower. It’s kind of like one of those “trust falls,” where you fall backward into the arms of someone you trust to catch you. You give up total control and place absolute trust in that person to catch you in that moment.

God wants to teach you the same about Him—that you’re not in control. He is. He wants to show you that when He seems most absent and you’re falling backward, He really is most present and there to catch you. God walks beside you even when you can’t see, hear, or feel Him. He provides you with what you need to get through deep pain, unbelievable circumstances, and surreal events. In your weakness, He wants you to fall backwards, into His arms. Place your trust in Him and let Him prove to you He will not disappoint.

Lord, let my trust in you grow to the point that I can lean on you in absolute confidence even when the worst is happening in my life. Stand firm and secure behind me whenever I’m about to fall. Amen.

I emphasized that first sentence because it literally jumped out at me...thank you Jesus!!! I just KNEW this upcoming conference was going to be a blessing, but wow, Wow, WOW!!!!!! And for good measure, did you notice my focus word - hope - in there too??!! WOW!!!!!

Can I ask you to pray for my girlfriend, JJ and I this coming Friday and Saturday as we attend the Extraordinary Women conference?


Jody said...

Praying for you and JJ when you attend this conference. God does have a plan and purpose for you.

Jess said...

Oh WOWOWOWOW....I needed that! How awesome, thank you for sharing Gigi!!!

Will be praying for you and hope you have an awesome time!!!

Dawn said...

God's timing is perfect. Have a wonderful blessed time!

Jeanne said...


You're going to emerge from the conference, refreshed, renewed, and restored to a degree you never thought possible. God is going to touch you in ways that will carry you through a lifetime, yet... it will be a new beginning, of sorts. Possibly, a new focus, or something you've hoped and trusted Him in faith for will manifest shortly after the conference. Expect the unexpected! I'll be praying you. The above words, just came into my spirit as I began to comment. Hugs and love...