Monday, September 21, 2009

The beginning of it all

Yesterday was the anniversary of our first date. We began as friends...and praise God, we remained the best of friends throughout our marriage. At some point, my Sweet Hubby asked me out. I told him it was not a date, rather an outing. Crazy, right?! He said he didn't care what I called it as long as he could pick me up and take me to a movie! And so it began.

He truly was my best friend. Outside of work hours, when you saw one - you usually saw the other. Rarely did we do anything apart. We just preferred each other's company over all others. Which makes all of this now so very difficult. But you know? I wouldn't change one second of what we had. It was a great love and I'm so grateful, so thankful to the Father that He blessed us with the life we shared. The love we was a gift.

It was the best "outing" of my life.

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I Will Be Here ~ Steven Curtis Chapman

"The voice of my beloved! Behold, he comes leaping on the mountains, skipping on the hills." Song of Solomon 2:8


Jody said...

I'm married to my best friend too. I don't think a lot of couples say that these days. God gave you something special in the relationship you had with your husband.

Dawn said...

So sweet!

Greg said...

I keep telling my wife just how much you remind me of us. We're exactly the same way, and I cannot imagine life otherwise. This kind of love is a gift from the Lord. :)

Jess said... is so funny. Funny strange, not funny ha ha.

Jason and i started as friends....we learned everything there is to know about one another almost in just a month. We would stay up late talking on the phone and we would rack our brains asking each other questions about our past, our families, our favorites, our dislikes....everything.

Then even after we truly got together and got just worked. We have always been awesome friends and parents. Our spark has faded a bit and we make the ashes catch again....and here we go, but always we have had a love for one another that is almost unexplainable.

And until i met you, I never thought anyone else had that love. No one talks the way I feel. does that make sense?

I always know where Jason is. Not because I am controlling or psycho....but because every extra minute we have we are on the phone or texting and we say I love you a hundred times a day, we kiss before we leave each other, we kiss before bed...everything. I never make decisions or plans without asking him and he does the same with me, and our nights and weekends are always spent together.

The jobs we had when we first got together was working together. It was great....we never once let that interfere with our job and we were awesome.

So i truly think I understand your love for your hubby. I think I know the sense of loneliness you have and the sense of emptiness. I know i can never truly empathise only sympathise. But i want you to know that I understand that you feel alone, you feel sad and raw heartbreak, you feel weak, you feel scared and small, you feel unsure of how to face the days, you feel naked in bed, you feel alone in stores and church, you feel cold and quiet in the car.

I think i might know part of your loss. i couldn't imagine a moment without Jason.......but I also know many people dont ever love like we love. it's a very special love.

we are lucky....and you are still in my prayers....I love you


Putz said...

ya i don't have that love for karma anymore, she is best friends with her daughters, and likes to be with her grands which is just fine ok but really not you and jess{not together because you are both girls and live in different places and have different kids and are blogging friends , get it get it????}

Unknown said...

It's great to read your blog Gigi and to read the others' posts who also have had such special loves. I am still single at 45 because I won't settle for anything less and I have never found it. It is rare. Truly. I can't imagine what it would be like, actually. There is no one on this earth that I want to be with everyday...

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Gigi,

My husband is also my BFF. WE love to do everything together. There is no such thing in our book as girls night out or guys night out. We are either together by ourselves or together with other couples.

You had such a beautiful relationship with your hubby and you express it so well in the words that you write.

God bless you

Tamela :)